What is the Hindi meaning of Genius? How to become Genius (Genius Meaning In Hindi)

Friends, today in this article we will know. What is Genius meaning in Hindi, genius in Hindi, how to become a genius. What are the signs of Genius people? Are you a genius too? You will get the answer to this by the end of the article.

Genius This word must have come to your mind at some point or the other. Whenever this word comes in your mind, then probably the photos of these people must have come in your mind. Albert Einstein, Nicholas Tesla, Elon Musk, friends, today in this article I will tell you 10 such signs which are in Genius. If you also have that sign, then you are a genius, if you are not, then it does not matter. You can become a Genius.

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1)Less Social

People who are Genius, they are very less social, but it is also true that a person who is social, that is, he is lost in more worldliness, he is more burdened because he can easily distract his friend or any social media app. She does it and she is not able to focus on any work. But the one who is Genius has very few friends and is not very active on any social media site.

That’s why it is said. The distance from the social media app should be maintained as much as possible. So if you are a student then you must do this, you should be less social. If you have this quality. So it is good for your creativity.


A Genius person is very lazy, he does not like to work, talk to anyone or play with anyone. This is because his mind is so active that he enjoys doing other things. It has been found in many researchers that whatever are Genius. Most of them are lazy. He likes to do only what comes to his mind.

But once some work came in his mind, he would keep doing that work. So if you have the quality, you should not be a jokey about being lazy, yet if you have, then definitely tell me by commenting.

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3)Having dark lunula

This means the white moon found on the thumb. Yes, White Moon Yes friends, in some research it has been found that people who have this moon on their thumbs are often lucky and also Genius. Look at your thumbs and tell whether this is a sign on your issues or not. This White Moon is above your thumbs. Having this mark is a sign of a genius.
Often such people are Genius.

4)X ON the Hand

Friends, if you have this X sign on your hand. To know this, you have to look carefully at the lines of your hand. In this you will get the pattern of X line. This X is mostly found in the people of India, hence Always Proud Indian. It is found in the people of India, it means that the people of India are mostly Genius, so you tell me by commenting whether this X is in your hands or not.

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5)A Night Owl

If you like to study or do any work at night, then you are a genius, in many research it has been found that if you work late at night then your intelligence and IQ level is very high. All those Genius people, they work only at night, their mind runs more at night. So if you like to work at night then you are a genius.

7)Knowledge Hungry

A Genius man is always knowledge hungry. Meaning that he is always hungry for knowledge. Reading books, doing research, doing extras is a sign of a genius. This Genius never wastes his free time, rather he uses that time only to do something innovative. So friends, always be hungry for knowledge, but never waste your time, use it. Be ready to do any work. This is the quality of Genius.


Friends, are you also one of those few people who are lefty or who do all the work with left hand. If you are, then in a lot of research it has been found that if you have left hand or both, then you are an Ultimate Genius. For example, Ronaldo da Vinci could write with both his hands. But in such a situation, he used to use left hand, so friends, if you are also a lefty then be happy that you are a Genius.

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8) Overthinkers

Yes, friends, a research was done at the University of Cambridge on such people who think more. And it was found that more creative thinkers are often intelligent and have higher IQ levels. Their brain gets involved in thinking anything so deeply that they do not even know when how much time has elapsed. Most geniuses are overthinking. Never take any overthinking as a problem, it is a sign of your being Genius.

9)less speakers

People who speak less are always engaged in talking to themselves or are immersed in themselves, they are often a sign of high intelligence. Yes friends, if you also speak less or like to talk to yourself, then you can be a genius, so if you have this quality inside you, then definitely tell me. So friends, now the time has come to talk about that sign which is most important.

10)Book Readers

If you are thinking that I am talking about school books, then don’t worry. Not talking about them here, but by books I mean reading books on self development and self growth so that they can get guidance in their life. who do so. Genius is if there are ten signs which I told you which are in Genius. If you are in you then you can be a genius.

what we learned

Friends, in this article, we have learned what is Genius in Hindi. How to become a genius All the information we got from Genius connected. We have presented it to you. If you have any doubt related to this article. So you can feel free to comment or email us.

this article”What is the Hindi meaning of Genius? Genius meaning in Hindi) “Thank you very much for reading. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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