What is the meaning of please, use of the word please(About Please In Hindi)

About please in hindi-Friends, today in this article we will know about the most effective words of English please. The word please generates a sense of softness in speaking, as well as the word please gives a good impression to the person who speaks and listens.

Please का मतलब(About please in hindi)

Please means to please, to please, to please, to please

You must have noticed that by using the word please, the sentence becomes more civilized and simple. It feels good to speak and hear the word please. And it has a good effect too. You must also use it in your conversation.

When and where to use the word please

Please please – Please – this word though short in appearance but very effective. This is an essential part of the polite language, so the use of this word is also important. If you want to take any thing from any person or get any work done or talk of any kind, then by applying the word ‘Please’, you can get your work done easily and politely, like-

•Please attend to me. (Please, attend to me) – Please pay attention to me.

•Please, listen to me. (Please, listen to me) – Please listen to me.

•Please, be seated. (Please, be seated) – Please sit down.

•Give me your pen please. (Give me your pen please) – Please give your pen.

•Please, help us. (Please help us) Please help us.

this article”What is the meaning of please, use of word please“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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