What is the meaning of Quarantine, why is Quarantine done (Quarantine meaning in Hindi)

What is the meaning of Quarantine, why is Quarantine done?

Quarantine meaning-संगरोध

Dear readers, today there is a lot of discussion about Quarantine. We hear this word time and again on television, mobile, social media and news etc. But do you know the Hindi meaning of quarantine? The truth is that most of us do not know the meaning of Quarantine, so in today’s post I will give you complete information about it, thousands of people have lost their lives due to corona virus and many people have been infected by this epidemic. . But the thing to keep in mind is that since the arrival of the corona virus, we have been seeing and hearing these words.

Let me tell you that although this word is in discussion today, it is not that it is a new word, but it is a very old word. The term is related to the prevention of diseases, epidemics or viruses, so we are hearing about the aftermath of the coronavirus these days. Let us now know in detail what is the Hindi meaning of Quarantine or what is Quarantine, what is done inside it. Please first tell us Hindi meaning of Quarantine, after that we will discuss all these meanings in detail so that you can understand everything better.

what is quarantine

Quarantine means restrictions on the movement of people, animals and goods that have been used to prevent the spread of diseases or parasites. It is often used in relation to illnesses and diseases that impede the movement of people who may have been exposed to an infectious disease, but who do not have a definite medical diagnosis. Or those whose treatment is not possible, , they are isolated from healthy populations. Quarantines are often an aspect of border controls. So that the epidemic or disease does not spread to more people.

Definition of ‘quarantine’

Quarantine The period of isolation has been fixed to control the spread of communicable diseases. Before the era of antibiotics and other drugs, quarantine was one of the few tools available to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

Why is Quarantine done?

When a person comes from a place where an epidemic or viral infection has spread, or if you have met an infected person, you are advised to isolate or isolate in that state. In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the quarantine, the transmission and interaction of the person is restricted, that is, the person is kept safe and no one else has access to it. So that the infection does not spread from one person to another. Here you have to keep one thing in mind. Especially a person who is suspected of having a virus or virus, that is, that person is likely to have a virus or an epidemic, then he is quarantined.

Beginning of Quarantine

The concept of quarantine has been known since biblical times and is known to have been practiced in various places throughout history. Notable quarantines in modern history include the town of Aim in 1665 during an outbreak of the bubonic plague in England; Eastern Samoa during the 1918 flu pandemic; World-wide quarantine during the diphtheria epidemic nom serum rush during 1925, the 1972 Yugoslavian smallpox epidemic and the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Ethical and practical considerations should be kept in mind while quarantining people. In some countries, quarantine is one of several measures governed by legislation relating to the broader concept of biosafety; For example, Australian biosecurity is governed by the exclusive Biosafety Act of 2015.

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