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What is the nuclear force called? Definition of Nuclear Force

Nuclear force in hindi-Friends, before understanding nuclear force, we will understand atom. Without understanding atom we cannot understand nuclear force. Because the nuclear force is exerted at the center of the atom.

Explanation of atom – What is atom in hindi

Atom –Atoms are the smallest particles that can take part in a chemical reaction but cannot exist in a free state. Molecules of matter are made up of atoms. Atoms are mainly composed of three basic particles. electron, proton And neutron is made up of. At its center is a nucleus in which protons and neutrons are stable. Electrons revolve around the nucleus. An atom has an equal number of electrons and protons, making it neutral.

Nucleus and Nuclear Forces in Hindi

The size of the nucleus of an atom is very small. Its length is about 10-12 cm. it occurs. All the mass of an atom is concentrated in its nucleus. The nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons. All the mass of an atom is contained in its nucleus, due to which the nucleus is dense and rigid.

Before the discovery of the neutron, it was postulated that the nucleus is made up of protons and electrons, but if an electron is inside the nucleus, then its energy there should be about 100 million electron volts, but radioactivity shows that beta Particles, which are only one type of electron, have an energy of only 4 million electron volts.

Hence the concept of electron in the nucleus became invalid. On the basis of modern hypothesis it is believed that neutrons and protons are located in the nucleus and electrons revolve around it in closed orbits. The total number of neutrons and protons is called atomic weight.

Lighter elements have almost the same number of neutrons and protons in their nuclei and heavier elements have more neutrons than protons. Protons of equal charge are located inside the nucleus.

The repulsive force acts between Now the question arises that how do these particles stay inside the nucleus in spite of this repulsive force. This is because there is a strong force of attraction between the protons and neutrons within the nucleus that binds these particles together. These forces are called nuclear force.

According to Japanese scientist Yukawa, the reason for these nuclear forces is the emergence of a new type of particle. These particles are called ‘mesons’ and these particles are produced by the exchange of protons and neutrons, that is, protons and neutrons inside the nucleus keep changing with each other and in this process the meson particles are generated.

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