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Friends, the coronavirus that started in December 2019 has spread to more than 150 countries and the number of affected people is increasing in the world. However, every effort is being made to prevent the spread of this virus. as well as people coming from other countries thermal scanning being done. In today’s form we are going to go about this thermal scanner, how it works and how it detects the virus.

What is thermal scanner.

Friends, thermal scanner is a kind of electronic device which by estimating the temperature of the body. thermal image works out. Now if the temperature of a person is higher than normal, then this device indicates through sound. thermal scanner Can measure temperatures from 40°C to 500°C.

How does Thermal scanner detect virus?

Friends, the person whose number of virus in the body reaches a more dangerous level. Their body temperature also rises to a great extent. Now the thermal scanner shows the body temperature on the display. By which the suspects are identified. Friends, this device is mainly installed at airports and crowded places.

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