What is Vitamin? Know about all vitamins – Everything about Vitamin in hindi

Vitamins (what is Vitamins in hindi )

It is an organic substance which is very essential for the development of the body. Vitamins are mostly produced by animals, as well as many plants are also good sources of it.

Types of Vitamins

There are two types of vitamins – fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and water soluble vitamins B and C.

1) Vitamin-A -Vitamin-A, Retinol

The chemical name of Vitamin A is Axerophytol and its molecular formula is C20H29OH., This fat soluble vitamin helps in the growth of the body and maintains healthy epithelial tissues of the body.

Due to its deficiency, the epithelium of the respiratory tract and digestive tract becomes diseased. Apart from this, night blindness (Nyctalopia), dryness of the eyes, white puffiness in the cornea and loss of vision, etc. also occur.

Source (source of Vitamin-A in hindi)

It is found most in fish oil, egg yolk, carrots, spinach etc.

2) Vitamin B-Group (Vitamin B-Complex)-

It is a group of 11 types of water-soluble vitamins, in which there are vitamin B1, B2 (riboplavin), vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12 etc. Nitrogen is found in this vitamin.

3) Vitamin-B1—Vitamin-B1 in hindi

Its chemical name is Thymine. It is soluble in water. Its deficiency causes a disease called ‘Beri-beri’.

Source (source of vitamin-B1 in hindi)-

Yeast, Carrot, Wheat, Rice etc.

4) Vitamin B2- Vitamin B2 in hindi—

It participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates and other substances. Due to its deficiency, there is a reduction in body weight. Dryness in the lips, tongue and skin.

स्रोत(source of Vitamin-B2 in hindi)–

Milk, milk products, green vegetables, yeast, eggs, liver, etc.

5) Vitamin-B6, Pyridoxine (Vitamin-B6, Pyridoxine)-

Its deficiency hinders physical growth and the person becomes a victim of anemia.

Source (source of Vitamin-B6 in hindi) –

Green vegetables, meat, liver, etc.

6) Nicotine acid—

Its deficiency leads to pellagra and there is a problem in mental development and digestion.

स्रोत (source of Nicotin in hindi)-

Sprouted wheat, potatoes, outer layers of cereals, almonds, tomatoes, leafy vegetables etc.

7)Vitamin B12, Cobalamine (Vitamin -12, Cobalamine)-

It helps in the generation of blood. It synthesizes proteins necessary for the maturation of red blood cells. Its deficiency causes anemia disease.

Due to its excessive deficiency, neurological defects come in the body.

8) Vitamin-C

It is a water soluble vitamin. Its chemical The name is Ascorbic Acid and the molecular formula is C6H8O6. Its deficiency causes a disease called ‘scurvy’.

Source (source of Vitamin-C in hindi)-

Sour juicy fruits like lemon, orange, chikoo, amla and tomato, leafy vegetables and sprouted grains.

9) Vitamin D

Its chemical name is Calciferol. It is soluble in fat and helps in strengthening bones. It helps in making the baby’s body healthy in the womb. Its deficiency causes ‘rickets’.

Source of Vitamin-D-

It is found in butter, ghee, eggs, fish oil etc. It is also obtained from sunlight. sun rays (Ultra-violet radiation) converts ergesterol present in the skin into vitamin D.

10) Vitamin-E

Its chemical name is Tocopherol. It is also called fertility vitamin. Because it is necessary for reproductive activities. In its absence the person becomes impotent. And her reproductive power becomes impaired. It is a fat soluble vitamin.

Source of Vitamin-E –

It is found in sprouted grains like wheat, gram, peas, green leafy vegetables and meat.

11)Vitamin-K-Vitamin-K in hindi

Its chemical name is phylloquilon. It is an anti-hemorrhagic vitamin which is essential for the formation of prothrombin in the liver. Due to its deficiency, blood clotting does not settle and there is a lot of bleeding.

स्रोत (source of Vitamin-K in hindi)-

It is found in green vegetables, tomatoes, cheese etc.

12) Vitamin-P

Its chemical name is Nicotinamide. It participates in the respiratory system along with vitamin C. It helps in the growth of bones and teeth

It also protects the body from toxic substances. Due to its deficiency, the cells become weak and their immunity decreases.

स्रोत (source of Vitamin-p in hindi)-

It is also obtained from fruits like lemon, orange and grapes and also from the pulp of the bark of these fruits.

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