What was WannaCry Ransomware Attack? all information

Friends, if the Internet is called the Alexandria Library of today’s era, then it will not be wrong at all, because the way the knowledge of the world was present inside the Alexandria Library in ancient times, in the same way today there is information from all over the world on the Internet.

In today’s time Internet has become an important part of people’s life. Friends, in today’s era, a lot of work is being done to make the Internet secure, but still there are some things that always pose a threat to the Internet. Malware is the most important of all those things. Because ever since the Internet has come to the world, Malware has also made its way and in this article of yours we will tell you about a very dangerous Malware WannaCry which came in the year 2017. So friends, let us start this exciting article.

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What is malware WannaCry?

Friends, first of all let us tell you that malware is also a type of software whose job is to damage computers, computer servers and computer networks. By the way, for your information, let us tell you that the world’s first malware both numbers appeared in 1998, whose name was Maurice Warm. Today, malware is stored in a floppy disk and kept inside a museum. By the way, most of the viruses in the world require the permission of the system operator to enter a system.

You must have seen many times that when you browse an unknown website, it asks for all kinds of permission from you to open completely and when someone gives that permission, Virus gets full opportunity to enter the system. Is. But friends, if we talk about WannaCry, then it was completely different from this type of virus because it did not require any kind of permission to enter the system. WannaCry was a crypto warm created by some mysterious Blackhat hackers that first surfaced in May 2017.

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How did the WannaCry malware target computers?

In fact, billions of people in the world use the Internet every day and there are crores of people among these people who use old and outdated systems. These old systems have the drawback that their security is not updated with system time and it becomes easy for hackers to target them.

Those Blackhat hackers who created WannaCry took advantage of this and created a crypto war that targeted the most used Windows operating system in the world. This malware specifically targeted old and outdated systems. Friends, this virus used to find such systems in which it could easily enter. And when it got its target, it used to download itself without any permission.

And friends, if it enters a system once, then its work is over. Because this malware used to specifically encrypt and lock the entire data inside that system and from here the real game started because when the user tried to access his data, he could not because of the system lock. Was able to do To give the key to this lock, WannaCry used to ask that user for $ 300 in the form of bitcoin.

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That is why it was also named as Ransomware instead of Malware. This ransomware used to give that person some time to pay the price and if that person did not pay the money on time then the ransom amount would have doubled. After this, if that person could not pay the ransom amount for the second time also, then this dangerous ransomware used to delete all the data of that system forever.

But friends, actually this was just a way to fool people because even after paying the ransom amount, people could never get their data. Now since this ransomware was spreading very fast, it did not take much time to become famous all over the world and in a few days it became the biggest cyber threat of that time by spreading in more than 150 countries. It was not only harming any individual personally but the bigwigs and whoever was falling prey to it including big names like Feeders Deuce Bank and Nissan.

Effect of WannaCry ransomware on the whole world

Friends, due to this ransomware, the data of billions of trillions of rupees was at stake. Now in such a situation, only someone who is more intelligent than these black hat hackers could save the world from this dangerous Ransomware and only then a 22-year-old young British hacker Marcus Han came in front of the world, on May 12, 2017 at the time when this ransomware spread. Marcus used to work in a cyber security firm named Crypto Logic. While the whole world was troubled by this ransomware, Marcus knew very well how to stop this ransomware.

Within just a few days, he made a security patch to protect people from this ransomware. Now while on one hand people were considering Marcus as the hero of cyber world, on the other hand the question was also arising in the minds of some people that how did Marcus find the break of this ransomware so easily.

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Friends, now to understand this story, first we have to know about marks. Marcus was born in the year 1994 in Devon County, England. His mother was Scottish while his father belonged to Jamaica. Marcus was interested in computers and hacking since childhood. He started hacking at a very young age. He started spending so much time in coding and hacking that it started making a difference in his studies as well.

Marcus had put a malware in his school’s computer that stole people’s passwords. When the principal of the school came to know about this mischief of Marcus, he expelled him from the school at the same time. Friends, after being expelled from the school, Marcus had an even more reverse effect because Abbu started spending more time in hacking and also started joining such forums which used to make malware.

In fact, Marcus was very young at that time and he had no idea that the people he is connecting with could become a big problem for him. Unaware of all these things, Marcus continued to join the new Hacking Forum and at the age of 15, he joined an online forum named Hacking Forum. This forum was of such a high standard that people had to make a bottleneck show just to join it.

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Now if we talk about sharing, then this is such a Malviya who has the ability to steal data and shut down the system. Apart from this, the working of bot net was largely similar to WannaCry Ransomware. Marcus easily made a bottleneck and joined the hack forum, and by the age of 16, Marcus had become a tremendous black hat hacker. Friends, through this forum, Marcus talked to an unknown person named Vini.

Since everyone on the forum kept their real identity hidden, no one knew who this Bhini was and what her real name was. Winnie offered Marcus a job in which he wanted Marcus to make a hacking toolkit kit. Friends Marcus did not want to do this work but Vinnie offered him a big amount which Marcus could not refuse. Eventually Marcus made that kit and Vinnie sent him the payment.

Friends, Marcus had entered this trap of hacking, but he had no idea how difficult it could be for him to get out of it. After this first task, Vineet asked Marcus to create a malware that could hack the banking system. Understanding the seriousness of the matter, Marcus refused to do this work. But friends, when this happened, Vineet started blackmailing him.

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Vineet threatens Marcus that he knows his real identity and if he does not do this, he will give his identity to the police. Since Marcus was not yet mature, he was terribly scared of Vineet’s threat and he created a malware named Cronje that could hack the entire banking system. Friends, till the age of 19, he continued to work like this. And then he somehow got rid of it. After this he started his own blog by the name of malwaretech. And also started working as a white hat hacker in crypto logic. It is already that Black Hut was hacking for a long time. That’s why in 2017 when wannacry ransomware spread, he broke it very easily. And became the 1st Cybertron hero overnight.

When friends Marcus were called to a hacking conference in Las Vegas. On his way back, he was arrested by the FBI at the airport. Because SBI came to know that the Kronos malware was created by Marcus. Marcus faced 10 charges and after 3 years of trial he was found guilty on 2 charges. As a result, he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. But the court freed him after keeping a close watch on him for 1 year.

this article”What was WannaCry Ransomware attack? all information“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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