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All american season 4 episode 8 release date (mid-season break)
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Full US Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date: The CW sports drama will return with a new episode in February 2022 after a long mid-season.

Season 4 of The CW sports drama series All American premiered on The CW on October 25, 2021. Viewers have become accustomed to watching a new episode every Monday. However, there is sad news as the CW sports drama is currently on a long hiatus. The current seventh season aired on The CW on December 13, 2021. Since then, fans have been waiting for the next episode. So, when will All American season 4 return with a new episode? when All American season 4 episode 8 airing? Why are there long intermissions? We are here to answer these questions.

All US Season 4 Episode 8 Release Dates and Interruptions Explained

Viewers expected episode 8 to air on December 20, 2021, but it didn’t air due to a long hiatus in the middle of the season. All American season 4 returns with a new episode in February 2022.

Episode 8 of All American Season 4, titled Walk This Way, Arriving in CW on Monday 21st February 2021. It will air during the usual time of 8/7c. Episode 9 airs on February 28, 2021 according to STV.

It’s not uncommon for CW shows to take a week off between episodes. But a two-month mid-season break is not uncommon. All US season 3s had similarly long breaks between seasons. However, production has been delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It has not been confirmed whether an ongoing epidemic is related to this long break.

As far as we know, this is the mid-season break that all CW shows take on Christmas and New Years. Legacy Season 4 has also been discontinued, returning with Episode 10 in January 2022.

How many episodes will All American season 4 have?

Well, there is no official update on how many episodes All American season 4 will have. However, we can only make rough guesses based on the release schedule for the new season. The first two seasons premiered in October and ended in March. These two seasons each have 16 episodes. The third season was postponed due to the pandemic and had an episode.

With All American back on its original release schedule, we expect season 4 to have 16 episodes. The season finale is also postponed because the show took a long break. The All American Season 4 finale will air on The CW in the second or third week of April 2022.

Season 4 of All American will debut on Netflix eight days after the finale aired on The CW.

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