Who is the legend? What is the meaning of legend(About legend meaning in hindi)

About legend meaning in hindi-Hello friends, today we are going to know about the word legend. Today in this article we will know. What is legends meaning in Hindi, who is called legend. Along with this, we will also know why some people are called by the world as legends.

What is the meaning of legend (legend meaning in hindi)

Meaning of legend – legend, legend, legend, etc.

Legend people are people who have strong will power. Such people are fearless and courageous. When a person does such a thing. Which never happened in history before today, then the world calls it a legend.

Who is Legend?

Friends, the word legend is an important word in itself. This word is not used for everyone. If a person is being addressed by speaking the legend. Then you should understand that that person is one of the few people in the world. We use the word legend for those people. Who are different in the whole world and master of their field.

The word legend is mostly used for those people who have the courage to make the impossible possible. The legend people are of a very eccentric type. If once in their mind the desire for some work is manifested. He does that work until it is completed. And set an example apart from the whole world. Like our beloved Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Alva Edison, Amitabh Bachchan, Nelson Mandela all these come under the category of legend.

These people changed the whole world. Basically now you must have understood what the legend means.

can we become a legend

legend meaning in hindi-Friends, there is a legend hidden in every human being. Everyone can become a legend. Friends, you must have heard the name of Elon Musk. This is a living example of legend in today’s time. Elon musk says “I think an ordinary person can become a legend if he wants.” It is a choice which we decide ourselves. ,

If you also want to become a legend. Then your will power should be very strong. The stronger your will power. They will become an example for the world on an equally large scale. You just have to make a promise to yourself. “Wherever field I go into, I will take that field to new heights”. If you do something like this. Then the world will give you the title of legend.

this article”Who is the legend? What is the meaning of legend(About legend meaning in hindi)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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