Who is the owner of Google( Google Ka Malik Kaun Hai)

Hello friends, today we will know who is the owner of Google, where is the company of Google, let’s start friends, many companies were started in the 90s, which have emerged as very big companies of the world today. One of those companies is also named Google, friends, it started as a search engine in the early days.

But today Google is working more than 60 percent of the internet. I will help you in all this. Today the dominance of Google has spread so much. Every user of the Internet is aware of this. Today the most used Android operating system in the whole world is also a Google product. friends on the internet Google If it is removed then the internet will start to look a bit incomplete.

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What is Google?

Friends, you will all be familiar with Google. Still, if you do not know what is Google, then for your information, tell us that Google is a very big search engine, with the help of which you can find any information very easily. Simply put, Google is a search robot that works for you to find information on the Internet.

start of google

Friendship Google was established in the year 1998 as a private company. Friends, if I say that in these 21 years Google has ruled the Internet. So it won’t be wrong. The names of those who discovered and founded Google include Larry Page and Serge Brin. Meaning these two together created Google. Today we look at Google, it is the result of the thinking of these two.

Larry Page and Serge Brin are very good friends, they met each other in 1995 at Stanford University. During this, the idea of ​​creating Google came in the mind of both of them. After working for about 3 years, he launched Google in 1998.

who owns google

Friends, there are many people who want to know who is the owner of Google. So let me know for your information. Larry Page and Serge Brin went public on Google in 2004. Meaning in a way Google has no owner.

Talking about friends, Larry Page and Serge Brin have the most shares of Google. And as you know who has the highest share of any company. In a way, he is the owner of the company. That’s why we can say that Larry Page and Serge Brin are the owners of Google. The names of these two founders are listed in the list of the richest people in the world.

Today, Larry Page is the CEO of Alphabet Inc. Those who have C class shares of about 20 million. and 19.9 million class A shares. When Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google in 2015, Larry Page handed over most of his responsibilities to him.

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Do you know from which country Google is a company?

Google has been headquartered in Mountain View California in the United States since its inception. So we can say that the United States is the Google company of the country. Friends, along with Mountain View, the headquarters of many big companies including the foundation of these Mozilla Firefox are also present here.

Now if we talk about India, then the main person in google is Sundar Pichai. Friends, he was born on 10 June 1972 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Friends, he is also the CEO of Google along with the Alphabet company. Which is a matter of pride for us Indians. Friends, his wife’s name is Anjali Pichai. Friends, they also have two children named Kavya Pichai and Kiran Pichai.

Who is the CEO of Google?

Friends, currently Sundar Pichai Dey is the CEO of Google, he joined Google in 2004. Seeing his good work and futuristic vision, he was made the CEO of Google in 2015. Since then, he has been the CEO of Google.

what was the first name of google

Friends, today we are all aware of Google. But have you ever thought that the name of Google was always Google or it was changed. So for your information, let us tell you that Larry Page and Brin had named Google’s first name Backrub. Which was later changed to Google.

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Google’s products

Friends, Google has made our life so easy today through its product, which we could hardly have imagined. Using Google Maps, you can easily travel anywhere in the world. You don’t even need to ask anyone. Using Google Translate, we can understand all the languages ​​of the world to a great extent.

In today’s time, Google has been established as the world’s largest company. Friends, apart from the search engine, Google has many other products which are as follows-

1) Chrome browser
2) Gmail account
3) YouTube
4) Google Drive
5) Android operating system
6) Google Play Store
7) Google Map
8) Google Cloud
9) blogger
10) Google pay etc…

full form of google

Friends, we have many such readers who keep searching on the Internet, what is the full form of Google. If this question has also come in your mind, then for your information, let us tell you… Google represents a mathematical number. Means after 1 Googol = 1, then 100 zeros,

Inspired by this, the name google has been taken but in many places its full form is “global organization of oriented group language of earth”.

this article”Do you know who is the owner of Google( Google ka Malik kaun hai)“Thank you so much for reading I hope. That you must have got to know a lot new from this article.

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