Why Amanda Gorman’s Headband Joins Others in Fashion History

Was the hair accessory worn by Amanda Gorman for the presidential inauguration? Or was it a crown?

The elaborately padded satin piece by Prada, called the brand Ferry Red in the shed, sat not on Ms. Gorman’s head, but surrounded by her hanging apso. This increased the presence of the 22-year-old poet behind the large podium with the presidential seal, so that he could attract the eyes of the audience with his linen yellow coat to narrate his work.

Assistant aficionados rejoice. “It read so powerful and strong, like he had crowned himself,” said Jennifer Behr, an assistant designer in New York.

“We saw that – the whole world saw that – Amanda Gorman positioned herself like a goddam queen,” said Eteh Jewell, a British beauty journalist and diversity advocate. Ms. Jewel began wearing a headband last spring, when the epidemic began, both as a celebration and an action, at home but also in her television programs.

“The headband has increased the volume of who I am, my ambitions, my aspirations”. She collaborated with hair accessories brand Rosings London in the UK, on ​​a limited edition pink ornate style, called Kamala; She encourages people to post photos with the hashtag #crownyourself.

The humble headband is shaped from a preppy status symbol to a strong status symbol, its purpose now being less control than a crown. Today the trending design, filled with padding and glitter with gems, is the height and luster of fine jewelry reserved for royalty. Cast your childish “Alice in Wonderland” assumptions; These headbands are about to make a statement.

“It’s such a powerful way for women to take back symbols that were traditionally used to reduce female power,” said Nail Diamond, chief executive and founder of lifestyle brand Hill House Homes. Fans of the brand’s nap dress style often scoop a padded headband in a matching print.

The one-size-fits-all, mood-lifting headband owes a bit of its popularity to the epidemic and, at the same time, stands out in a shoulders-up zoom. “You’re not going out, you’re not buying party clothes, you’re definitely not buying shoes and bags,” said Lele Sadoi, founder and creative director of her name accessories brand. “The headband has been something super special.” Recently, Ms. Sadoui introduced a new collection with a graceful headband, priced between $ 150 and $ 195. The brand sold 500 in half an hour.

Here is where this reporter should confess his headband enthusiasm. I graduated from the elastic people I trusted to keep my hair on my face for a run or in the case of the birth of my first son, a child. Inspired by royal inference, I went on statement headbands last year in the presentations of my book “HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style”. I chose a bright purple satin for my publisher’s pre-pandemic media lunch and for a black beaded version to deposit my first advance check at the bank. For two virtual book parties, I wore a light blue velvet headband, picking up colors to match my book cover. My collection has flowed to my own drawer requirement. I can confidently report that these oversized designs make you stand out a bit tall and in a crowd.

This max-out headband moment is the latest in the long history of the accessory. From the Greenian Goddess to the bubble flappers, it has become a headband for every fashion age. Just think of its visible roots in modern times: the simple band Grace Kelly wore or how chic Catherine Deneuve looked with her oversized black bow. Princess Diana of Wales snatched an emerald chocor on her forehead in 1985, and Whitney Houston sported an elaborate white headband with her trackside to sing the national anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl. Hillary Clinton donned a padded headband as first lady, then a super thin version as Secretary of State. Caroline Bassett-Kennedy chose the turtle look. Would the style of “Clueless” on Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport be iconic without a head? for example!

“Head to Two”, assistant curator at the museum at FIT and co-curator of an upcoming accessories exhibition, said Elizabeth Way, “Headbands are a powerful space for personal expression. People should wear shoes or carry bags, but headbands are something “completely helpful”, Ms. Way said. “Disappointing” is how Ms. Saidhoi describes her.

Today’s headband craze brings special thanks to another queen bee: Blair Waldorf of “Gossip Girl”. On occasion Harsha was the foregoing, yes, and the chief. But the tangled, oversized pieces of scissors in her matted hair were a sign of rebellion. “Initially, people just didn’t know how to wear a headband,” Ms. Behr said. The teen drama gave people “a scene to have fun with them.”

In the summer of 2018, Katherine arrived at the naming of her youngest son in Duchess of Cambridge – nee Kate Middleton – a Taylor Jane creation. The padded, woven pieces were dotted with beads, and topped with a fake flower vase. It looked like a headband that wanted to be a hat; A hatband, if you will. “One might be surprised that the Duchess pioneered a new trend of chunky headbands, “Marlene Komar muddled in the bustle. A few months later, Prada sent a parade of padded headbands down the runway for its Spring 2019 collection.

Over the years, the statement headband crowd has divided into two factions, not-knots and not-knots (padded). Both are largely bedsheeted – pearls, pearls, rhinestones, bows. Babba Rivera, founder of hair care brand Ceremonia, recently launched the Freida Headband, a large shiny piece inspired by Frida Kahlo. Eugenia Kim was so inspired by the inaugural fashion that her accessories brand would soon launch a capsule “Unity” collection in red and yellow with a headband, à la Ms. Gorman, but also other colors on stage, including vibrant purple and deep Burgundy is also included. .

Today’s adventure pieces are deliberately demanding. “It’s not something you put in mind,” said Carmen Mayer, 31, a Montessori teacher in Houston. Ms. Maier has two dozen headbands, including a pink knot pearl. One parent mistook it for the previous Halloween costume, commenting that she loved Ms. Maier’s “princess” look. It was a moment for him. “This is what projects people to,” she said, which means regalness.

As a new year, Ms. Myer fear the headband may be waning the trend. She then saw Ms. Gorman at the podium, securing a second-hand reign. This was particularly meaningful to Ms. Maier as a black woman.

“It was a great way to show it to someone. It is not just for a white woman who has straight thick hair, ”said Ms. Mayer. “It can also be braided, curly, kinky and for hair.”

If you have never worn a statement headband, it may take a little courage to wear your first one. “Ummm, am I qualified to wear this gorgeous piece too?” Someone on Instagram asked Sharad Adegbo, who designs headbands as part of his Appen fashion label. “Um yes you are the queen,” Ms. Edigo wrote in her repost, punctuating her answer with a crowned emoji. His creations, he told me, “remind ourselves that we deserve it.”

Ms. Gorman recently wore one of Ms. Edigo’s designs on “The Ellen Degeners Show”, but the designer assured me that there is no need to go anywhere to wear a fancy headband. He may be “Queen of the Zoom”. “Or the queen of your house, or the queen of your car.”

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