Why is it Important to Be Healthy?

Why is it Important to Be Healthy?

Being healthy is your most important business asset. What do you think makes a person healthy or sick? It’s pretty obvious, “A chemical reaction occurs in the body when energy is used and a chemical reaction occurs when a chemical reaction occurs.” So, when you’re sick, is it a “chemical reaction” you just happen to go through? Obviously not.

Would you be able to notice the difference between the chemical reaction and real life situations? Of course you would. Why else would you be more alert and stay on top of your health and your problems? The truth is you’d have to give up everything else. That’s what makes you unhealthy, plain and simple.

You’d have to give up your comfortable life style. What do you have to do or what haven’t you done that would make you tired all the time? Do you smoke or drink too much? Do you eat too much fast food, too much sugar and jam, too much salt? Do you think of yourself as too old or too young? Does age come with disease?

Why is it Important to Be Healthy
Why is it Important to Be Healthy

Ageing need not come with disease.

In fact, when it does, it means something else is happening. It may simply mean your body is breaking down and you are reaching an old age that is the person you thought you were. Suddenly you find you are weak, tired, and lifeless. It may mean your body is running out of vital nutrients or that your immune system is weak. Suddenly you are at risk for a disease and you are not listening to the warnings your body may be putting out.

It is not the age that matters.

What matters is how you take care of yourself now and in the future. The best and easiest way to look at how to live a healthier life is to look at what you are feeding your body now and what you are not feeding your body now. Try to remove processed foods, junk food, and sodas from your diet completely. Instead, eat more natural foods, vitamin rich foods, and foods with living nutrients. Especially remove white starch from your diet. With all the toxins your body is absorbing through the gut wall, no amount of cleaning may be able to help.

Now we turn to the living foods.

What are these? Living foods are foods that are alive – uncooked, uncumber’d, uncooked, and to-do-with-your-own- hands. Living foods include grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grains. What about those that are not alive? Well, they’re not living. They’re dead. Their life force has passed them by. You’ll notice this especially if you eat primarily dead meat and grains.

It is important then to choose the right kind of meat to eat. Sure you’ll like a nice hamburger or steak if you’re a vegetarian, but a ass drills smell more than a ass does. Now you’re losing out on a healthy source of fuel that your body requires. What then? Oh, I know, I’m strong willed and determination is my stronger side, but if I’m eating dead meat I’m missing out on a healthy source of fuel that my body needs.

And powder? Who needs powder?

If you want to be healthy, you need to eat a minimum of 20 grams of protein. Protein powder is simply just casein, modified to contain protein. It contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids to provide the your diet with 20 grams of protein!

Why is protein important for your diet?

Protein acts a biological comparing mechanism for all cellular components. It is involved in virtually every chemical process within the body. With this, it is important that you maintain a healthy protein intake each and every day. It is the most important element of your diet.

So, now that we know why protein powder is so important, how do we ensure it? Easy, it’s simply to cook your protein fairly close to its original state by cooking it in the fat. Whether frying, roasting or sautéing, the fat will reduce the conjugated fat and lowering the amount of conjugated fat you body builds toward. Reduction in fats also results in reduction in calories.

2. The best vitamin is often an isolated vitamin.

When choosing vitamins look for the type of synthetic procedure used to obtain the vitamin. Is it digested? Since we can’t digest every vitamin there is a degree of chance that it isn’t utilized in the process of taking the fat out of protein. When you get to it there is less of the fat to consider.

Parley chunks are a commonly used, but highly acidic, source of protein. They work well when mixed in water. However, if you are getting your protein strictly from powders, then you can mix the powder with water and then add the protein to hot water.

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