Why It Pays to Think Outside the Box on Coronavirus Tests

Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Yale School of Public Health not included in the study. “The amazing thing is how strong it is to find out that some very admirable changes are being faced,” said David Paltiel.

Nevertheless, he noted, there were a lot of scenarios that the model did not test, and the paper still has to undergo thorough peer review.

Its predictions should also be tested in the real world, Drs. O’Connor said: “There is a need to detect it and test it head-to-head with other allocation methods.”

But if concluded, it would suggest that schools and other institutions that are trying to safely reopen should think beyond their walls when developing testing programs. “Even though your goal is only to protect the students in your care, you are maximizing to protect those students by caring for the people of the surrounding community,” Dr. Paltiel said. “This is a very strong argument.”

Some universities are adopting this approach. CMU now offers free testing to all its students’ self-reported contacts, whether they are affiliated with the university or not, and runs a testing site open to local residents, said Amy Bronson, co-founder of the university’s Kovid – Chairman – 19 task force and an author of the paper.

And in November, University of California, Davis, Started visiting Free coronovirus test to anyone living or working in the city. Together healthy davis The program, a partnership with the city, has since conducted more than 450,000 tests and identified more than 1,000 people with the virus, said Brad Pollock, an epidemiologist at UC Davis who directs the project.

“Polk said,” a virus does not respect geographic boundaries. “It is imperative to think that you can get control of acute infectious respiratory disease in a city like Davis like Kovid-19, which coordinates a very large university, without coordinated public health measures that connect both the university and the community. . “

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