Why Placement Assured Online Programs are a Big Hit?

Online deep-skilling programs are enabling a new era of future-ready professionals eager to take on opportunities


India is on its way to become one of the fastest growing economies of the world. IMF projections project that national GDP will grow at 9.5% and 8.5% respectively in 2021-2022 and 2022-2023. There is a need to take serious steps demanding sustained efforts from professionals, corporates and regional governments to achieve such results. With a demographic group of 67.27 per cent in the age group of 15-64 years, India has a prolific workforce that is roaring to cover the distance. Yet, its progress is hindered by the customary constraints of formal, outdated education that does little in terms of making learners employable. According to an IBM survey, only 40% of Indian executives out of a sample size of 300 corporate-recruiting leaders agree that new recruits have job-related skills.

This calls for incremental changes in the state of education, a major segment of which, thanks to COVID-19, is moving towards online methods of training delivery. There is increasing awareness to pursue careers in new age domains such as machine learning, product engineering and cyber security, especially from inter-disciplinary working professionals who need to:

  • A Domestic Educational Brand To Trust
  • An updated curriculum that prepares them for the future
  • Guaranteed to be placed in relevant work profile


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In this vein, NIIT’s online, placement-assured post graduate program is suitable for those who want to be job ready on day one. As an established skill development group with 40 years of heritage, NIIT offers an unparalleled network of 800+ Hiring Partners, who actively conduct placement drives. With the certainty of attracting industry-standard job offers to the candidates, NIIT offers online programs keeping in mind the demand of MNC recruitment agents. Some programs include, but are not limited to, the following:

Irrespective of the nature of the field, the distinguishing feature of each of the above certifications is the minimum CTC assurance. Program applicants know exactly what their ROI will be with deep-skilling and they can set positive goals. The success of such placement-supported programs by NIIT is shared equally for various reasons discussed in the next section.

5 Key Identifiers of Top Online Programs

Online deep-skilling requires the requisite effort and energy from elite working professionals. After years of refinement and iterations, NIIT has found the following value additions to help students achieve better learning outcomes:

Students with a focus on career elimination receive placement assurance to encourage their efforts towards completion of the programme. All the students who meet the prescribed eligibility criteria at NIIT are assured of getting job offers from corporate recruiters. Recently, job seekers have stood up and paid attention to the fact that NIIT achieves 100% placement for its Product Engineering batch, The Career Support Cell at NIIT takes the ownership of delivering an end-to-end student lifecycle. Its objective is to remove the inconveniences of every learner so that they can master the subject.

The WEF reports that over 70% of professionals working in data science, product development and AI come from a diverse mix of academic backgrounds. Given the volatile nature of technology, it is primary that the learners are attuned to the challenges of the job. For example, students in engineering programs at NIIT spend 60-70% of their time coding non-trivial solutions that make it easier to manage job assignments.

It is reported that India’s national level investments in upskilling could unlock the work potential of its population and grow the economy to $570 billion by 2030. While government grants cover formal education bastions, private sector brands will have to take similar measures to facilitate equal opportunity. For everyone.

NIIT receives hundreds of applications from graduates who want to expand their workplace utility by acquiring new-age skills, but are yet to find a job. This is especially true for domains such as data science, machine learning and software engineering. Hence, NIIT offers flexible payment options ranging from upfront payment to no-cost EMIs and even EMI moratorium (if required).

It is good to have an integrated knowledge of core competencies in your field to stay relevant in the present day. But it is even better to be at the vantage point of the industry and observe the trends that usher in new horizons. NIIT adopts this philosophy in conducting industry interactions with recognizable personalities in the relevant fields of the subject. These changemakers share actionable insights regarding the future and advance student-attitudes towards realities.

Revisions are important to retain the concepts. As students engage in completing assignments off-line, they are bound to demand clarification or re-education of the training module. At NIIT each batch is introduced to an internal collaboration tool where people can post questions and get solutions. Incumbents do not need to wait for the next online session to clear the questions. They can do this on an on-the-go basis.

Be future ready with NIIT

A great educational experience awaits you at NIIT. Through its Virtual Certification, NIIT is in a commanding position to offer CTC above 5LPA. Whether you are a graduate, working professional, or an aspiring entrepreneur, you will find a conducive environment for result oriented education at NIIT.

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