Wrestlers Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian Wed

When a bad guy jumps out of the cake and the groom is hit with a champagne bucket in the upcoming scuffle, not everyone will consider the wedding a success.

But fans at the Arena for Penelope Ford’s February 3 wedding and Kip Sabian on TNT’s “All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite” didn’t bother Pageant. And Ms. Ford and Mr. Sabian later emboldened on the occasion: “Until our butler decides to land our best man in the ring, this terrible human could get out of the cake.”

Ms. Ford and Mr. Sabian, both 28, admit that they were not completely surprised that their on-air nupials had gone to Gonzo. “Whenever you go out there, it’s a game,” Mr. Sabian said. “You can never be sure what’s going to happen.” That’s why the couple legally decided to marry, in a distant ceremony, on Feb. 1 in a courtyard in Pennsylvania. Although they inhabit professional wrestlers, at least some are concocted, their love, they say, is genuine.

“When we first met, I said, ‘I’m going to marry you one day,” Mr. Sabian said. Ms. Ford had captured her interest on social media, where a friend told her on Instagram in late 2018 before becoming All Elite Wrestling Company. Mr. Sabian was still in his native Norfolk, England, wrestling on the independent circuit. Ms. Ford was living in the city near Philadelphia where she grew up and also wrestled independently. When the two signed AEW months later, they arranged a one-man date in April 2019 in Manhattan.

They met in Central Park; Ms. Ford played the role of American tour guide. “I have never tasted fine food that is American fast food,” Mr. Sabian said. “He introduced me to Chick-fil-A Milk Shake and it changed my life.” Hence the intensity with which they were associated. By the end of their first date, they agreed to spend a week together in Airbnb, Jersey City, NJ. Ms. Ford said, “I immediately felt, ‘This is my person.”

In fact, he had a lot to offer: “I love video games and stupid stuff, and in my head I thought that, because she’s such a pretty attractive woman, she wouldn’t like those things,” Mr. Sabian said. “But we were talking about anime and all this neeraj stuff,” she said. “It was love. We haven’t been sick of each other since.

Whether fans of “All Elite Wrestling” are as attached to them as they are less certain of each other. Mr. Sabian described his character, which he said was “100 percent me but the volume goes up to 20,” as “a very handsome guy.” Ms. Ford’s character is similar. “I’m arrogant too,” he said.

But she is not unfollowing – on April 4, 2020, when she proposed in Orlando, Fla., Where she was temporarily staying; They have moved back to Ms. Ford’s hometown near Philadelphia. “I cried,” he said. Immediately, he said yes.

The two weddings that took place this month allowed her to declare her love in front of family and fans. Although Mr. Sabian’s parents had to watch from England via Livestream Universal epidemic, Ms. Ford’s family, which included her parents, siblings and a niece, were present at the Pottstown, Pa., Courthouse, where Judge Edward Cropp married her in a small, socially distant ceremony.

Television festival After two days it was not without moments of sweetness. Before the violent outburst, and Ms. Ford’s subsequent face plant in the cake, Mr. Sabian had a chance to recite the handwritten vows. “Penelope,” he said. “From the moment I first saw you wearing that one piece with knee-high boots and your eyes met my eyes, I knew it must have been.”

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