YouTube to mp3 Converter – 8 tools to Download Mp3 from YouTube

YouTube to MP3 Converter – 8 tools to download mp3 from youtube are listed here. Convert YouTube to mp3 and enjoy listing them offline. Here, in this article, we will cover the best and free YouTube to MP3 converters that allow you to save YouTube videos to MP3 formats. These tools can make your YouTube videos into better quality audio files. There are many platforms that you can find online, for which you do not need any kind of registration. So, below is the list of few selected YouTube to MP3 Converter Tools with their features.

youtube to mp3 converter

Video converter is used when you are not able to open video in a particular format. These tools are also used to change the size of the video. These tools allow you to save a wide range of clips in a wide range of files such as MP3, MP4, FLV, AVI, and many other formats.

These tools support popular applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and many more. These tools allow you to perform conversions while still maintaining a better quality of the video. Moreover, the user interface of this software is so simple and friendly that even non-technical savvy can operate it easily.

Here are 8 great tools to download mp3 from Youtube on your device. Read them to know their merits and demerits.

youtube to mp3


This tool allows you to convert youtube to mp3 with convenience. You can also download YouTube channels and playlists on this platform.

The innovative features of this website are: – Support popular websites and applications like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and many more. This platform has an in-built music player. You can also download audio books with this tool. You can able to categorize files in folders with great convenience.

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A convenient proxy set is also provided on this platform. To convert with this platform, all you need to do is paste the link of the file you want to convert, in a matter of seconds, your file will be on your desktop. You can enjoy features like a simple and easy to use interface, quick music saving and easy process. After that, you can easily transfer the tracks you downloaded to your mobile phone or any device you want.



This is another platform that is used convert youtube to mp3. This platform sets up music, videos, YouTube channels and playlists and you can convert them to any format of MP3. mp4 or flac.

Features of this platform are: – It is well compatible with popular applications like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Vimeo. This platform supports 8k video. It has the ability to convert any video file to MP3 format while maintaining the quality. You can be able to download a huge number of multimedia on this platform and the download speed you will get will be amazing which is 10x.


YTD Video Downloader

It is one of the best software to convert youtube video to mp3. With this software, you can be able to convert the entire channel of youtube and playlists. Using this software you can download music from any streaming website.

There are many innovative features in this software and they are: – This software is super easy and quick, you can be able to convert your videos from internet as well. You can save a huge number of videos without thinking about the location. You can able to download videos in different formats like mp3, wmv, and many other formats. The operating system supporting this software is Windows. With this software you can download HD-quality videos at ultra-fast speed.


video proc

This is another efficient YouTube to MP3 converter. With this you can download and convert videos in one set. This tool or platform enables you to modify its features according to the video in just a few clicks.

Features of this platform are: – It allows you to have better quality videos and moreover this platform supports all popular websites or applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can be able to add titles, artist names and many more things to your videos with this software.

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The audio you download from this software will be of better quality. This software enables you to convert your videos in more than 420 formats. Its easy user interface is the reason for its popularity as the best mp3. in youtube converter.


Wondershare UniConverterCon

It is one of the most efficient and amazing YouTube to MP3 converter with an easy and simple user interface that can be operated by anyone. With this software, you can find a wide variety of video effects. This platform has amazing editing modes that include keyframing and many other features or modes.

Features of this website are: – This platform or tool provides quick processing, preview quality can also be adjusted according to the video. You may be able to accommodate camera issues. Video beauty can be changed in just a few clicks. You may also be able to share your story and you can categorize your multimedia into different video tracks.



This application is developed to download youtube videos in mp3 formats for android devices. Here in this software, you will get a search button where you can search for a particular track of your choice. This software or application enables you to download YouTube videos in a variety of qualities.

Features of this application are: – Download speed is awesome and better. Tracks are available in 11 different languages. You can remove videos from YouTube playlists. Easy navigation and user interface are additional benefits. The application is available for free to download.



This is another amazing free online YouTube to MP3 converter. You can also download videos from this platform by just pasting the URL of the video.

Features of this super-amazing application are: – You can change the file name as per your requirement. You can change the quality of the video. The conversion time is very less on this platform.



it is one of Best YouTube to MP3 Converter Platform that allows you to convert audio from YouTube videos. It is one of the simplest converters that even a non-techie can operate. The features of this application are that it enables you to download high-definition videos to the system’s hard disk. The user interface is quite simple and friendly. It is quite easy to download videos on this platform; Just a few clicks on the mouse and you’re done.


youtube to mp3 FAQ

How to convert youtube video to mp3?

First, select the platform or tool you are using. Then paste the URL of the video you want to download and then click on the Done button. After that, choose the quality of the MP3 you want to convert and then start converting. Wait for the conversion which hardly takes 60 seconds and then download the file. See how easy it is to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format.

How to download mp3 from youtube?

Downloading mp3 from YouTube is quite an easy process. For that you need to access YouTube from the browser you are using, then search for the video you want to convert to MP3 and then copy that URL. After that, you have to paste the YouTube video link in the search box and then press the Start button. After selecting the mp3 quality you want to download, hit the download button, and you’re done. The process is quite simple, not dangerous.

Is it legal to download from YouTube?

Downloading videos from YouTube is against YouTube’s rules and policies. And on doing so, the company can also take some strict action against you. As of now, YouTube has not penalized any user for downloading the video. But yes, downloading copyrighted videos without anyone’s permission is a serious offense and you can be punished or any strict action can be taken against you. It is a criminal act, no big deal to download copyrighted videos from YouTube.


So, here we have selected and listed the tools that can convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. We have also listed the features of these tools so that you can have a clear idea about these different platforms. Each tool or platform is clearly detailed so that the audience can easily find the best one as per their needs. You can select one according to their features.

Media conversion has become so easy with these tools. They enable you to effectively categorize and covert your media with ease. These powerful and user-friendly tools support major and well-known audio and video formats. The easy-to-use graphical interface enables you to convert videos to MP3 formats with ease.

The conversion process is quite simple; You do not need to hire a professional for this. You can easily do it yourself. The best part is that the video and audio will remain in sync at the time of conversion. With these above-mentioned tools, you can adjust the sharpness and quality of the video very well.

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